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Splash Fishing Ring
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A succesful combination

Mimicking nature

Splash Fishing Ring can stir the same phenomenon caused by the fast and wild movement of numerous small fish on water surface. It is an elastic device that will facilitate – not contrast – the forces that come into play during the trolling process.

The effect is irresistible for large-sized fish, which are lured into taking the bait.


Tubolar Rings

Our tubolar rings are provided with small flaps whose position, length, and angle have been specifically developed to create an oscillating motion caused by 360° rotation.


Floating Stabilizer

A sliding feature (one-ring model only), which can be positioned to stabilise the device, thus avoiding skipping or sinking during the trolling process.


Terminal tackle

Made in fluorocarbon and provided with artificial bait and a fishing hook.

The combination of these elements can stir motion on the water surface, causing spraying, bubbling, and fast abrupt movements which are strikingly similar to what can be commonly observed in nature. The device can be easily inserted onto the fishing rod line and cast at a speed of  4-6 knot and more. Also, thanks to its shape and surfcasting-specific build, it does not contrast the strike.

A complete device for trolling

Splash Fishing Ring isn’t just a flapped ring that produces spraying, but the ultimate professional fishing device.

It has been devised through over ten years of water experimenting, observation, and research, which led to thorough optimization of all aspects of production and the standardization of the  manufacturing process.

Assembled in a 1-  or a 2-ring  combination, as it slides on the main line, Splash Fishing Ring can provide a varied range of lures with different intensity. This trolling device is a must-have for your fishing trips, as it will guarantee much more fun and ensure numerous memorable strikes.

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